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There are following requirement for protected rooms: 

make the room tight enough to have sufficient retention time according to NFPA or ISO, 
make the room loose enough or provide vents to prevent enclosure damage at discharge. 
To check room integrity according to NFPA 2001 and ISO 14250 standards a door fan test is recommended.
NFPA 2001 standard in point 4-7.2.3 orders to check room integrity and recommends door fan test as preferred method to do it. In point 4-4 it orders to check room integrity for leaks at least every 12 months and in doubts enclosure can be retested for integrity in accordance with 4-7.2.3. ISO 14250 has similar recommendations in points 7.8-2 and 8.2.4.



Room integrity test can predict hold time in extinguished room. According to NFPA 2001 this time is set by authorities having jurisdiction (recommended minimum is 10 minutes). ISO 14520 is more restrictive and needs minimum time 10 minutes. During integrity test pressure increase in protected room during agent release is also predicted and in case pressure increase is too high the area of vents is calculated. For some of extinguishing systems based on inert gases their manufacturers recommend to add vents holes for each installation.

Fire Stop company has set of door fans (model N 64) and Retrotec licensed software (CA 2001 ver. 2.0 license number 2.5.4). Retrotec is leading manufacturer of room integrity tests equipment and the author (Mr Colin L. Genge) of Appendix C of NFPA 2001.

Equipment we have can be used to test typical rooms of area up to 7000 square meters and has possibility for test integrity within suspended ceiling and technical floor area. Fire Stop employs person certified by Retrotec to "Level 3 - Double fan NFPA room tests".


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