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Enclosure integrity and leak tests: Gielle has made a large investment of time and money to provide ourselves with state of the art equipment and training to enable us to carry out door fan tests to establish the integrity of enclosures protected by fire suppression systems. 

Both the NFPA and ISO standards recommend that enclosure integrity tests be carried out to establish the retention time for clean agent fire suppression systems. These tests should not only be carried out at the design stage of such systems but also annually thereafter and more frequently if the enclosure integrity may have been compromised by penetrations for pipe work or cabling etc. 



Gielle will carry out these tests for end users, designers, and fire protection companies on a completely independent basis and issue detailed reports, which can then be used to determine whether an enclosure is sufficiently sealed to enable the specified retention time to be met or whether further sealing is required. 

It is becoming increasingly common for insurance companies and stakeholders to insist on these tests being undertaken and documented.


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