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It is crucial that a fire protection system operates to the best of its ability and is effective. To do this, adequate containment of the extinguishant within the risk area is essential and it is therefore a requirement that integrity testing is carried out on a regular, if not on a minimum annual, basis.

The 'integrity' of an enclosure is its capability to retain an extinguishing agent.

The test is environmentally friendly and does not involve the discharging of extinguishant, is repeatable at very short notice and therefore allows more than one test (if required) on a single visit.



A written report is issued on completion of each test and a certificate issued if a positive result is achieved. This certificate is valid for one year unless changes have been made to the room during the year (e.g. equipment upgrade and enclosure modification) - if any of these have occurred then a retest should be undertaken after all works have been completed.

If a test indicates failure to meet the required retention time then a survey is carried out noting leakage areas. A report is then submitted indicating remedial sealing works envisaged to possibly achieve or improve results.


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