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Gielle is the world's leading of door fan test. Gielle used the professionals equipment to conduct residential energy audits, large building leakage tests, duct leakage tests and clean agent integrity tests. 

Gielle specialises in enclosure integrity testing of areas that are fitted with fire suppression systems. In addition to enclosure integrity testing we also carry out remedial sealing works, the supply and fitting of extract systems, pressure relief and smoke testing.



Gielle use equipment and software to conduct: 

- Enclosure integrity tests using NFPA 2001, ISO 14520 
- Energy Loss Tests using: ATTMA: TS1, British CIBSE TM23, Canadian CGSB 149.10, American ASTM E779, Europe CEN/TC, Japanese standard, Dutch NEN 2686, SuperE, EN13829 and California Title 24 and current RESNET standards 
- Smoke and Refuge using: PFEER, 1994 Uniform Building Code Section 905


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